Chairman of the Board of Directors to


Dear Silkcoat Family;

Operating under Çolakoğlu Group ,Silkcoat Paint ,has started production in İstanbul,Çatalca 1993.Today Silkcoat export its product about 52 countries with its largest product range in Turkey ,with excitement in first day.

Silkcoat ; one of the important paint company in Turkey,has took its name from ‘’silk’’ and ‘’coat’’ words which is its first product called silk plaster.
Silkcoat meet demands with establishing a product facilities in Uzbekistan in 2007,then in 2011 in Tajikistan ,so Silkcoat contribute to the economy of these countries with creating jobs to the people. 


According to the policies related to our activities in new countries ;researchs are progressing so in very near future you will see the production facilities of Silkcoat in other countries.

Dear Friends;
Both domestically and abroad, producing the most qualified products, delivering to our customers, as well as to follow the principles of the era and culture in Silkcoat quality has been the primary targets.

Silkcoat Paint respect to the environment ,laws,business and moral values,and Silkcoat wants to continue its action precious with Silkcoat family.

Best Regards;

                   Akif ÇOLAK
Çolakoğlu Group Chairman of the board