Environmental Policy


As a Silkcoat Paint our main target is making high quality and competitve product at the same time ,legal regulations,ethical rules,environmental awareness are one of our important part of our business.

In this context, our aim;
-Our understanding is maintain the same sensitivity beside quality also using of all the products we offer our customers environmentally friendly, is not harmful to human health,

-Ensure the protection of the environment as a base for recycling, restoring the economy, efficient use of energy and natural resources,

-To be sensitive at using environment -friendly raw material ,
-Policies, applications for new investments and product designs that do not harm the environment and the necessary planning, training, seminars, etc. to follow the terms.

-Our employees and our customers' respect for the environment and environmental policy and environmental policy shows the required sensitivity to be in interaction with a supportive and encouraging preventive issues.

Thus, the Environmental Management System in accordance with the aims and objectives and create a synergy among the objectives of companies to carry it in a sustainable manner.
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