Quality Policy


Paint quality and procedures in Silkcoat is ;meet the highest level of customer expectations from the production to use stage and provide appropriate product for its customers in national and international standars.


In this context Silkcoat has a mentality which is being leader and pioneer firm in the sector with its product development properties,high levels understanding of quality expected by customers.


The quality in Silkcoat continues from ,pre-production to post production and use stage. This principle is constitution of all Silkcoat employee.

The quality philosophy of our company's is corresponding with the company's general philosophy and business ethics,moral rules,customer satisfaction and customer awareness.Subsist of firm with respecting environment and producing quality goods..

Our company produces the product of this basis, the most advanced innovations in emerging technologies and products to use to do the next audit as required by legislation implementing quality assurance systems in all the pride of their customers to make high-quality production continues its activities.